What is the Social Life, Location and Academics like at CUA?

<p>I am a high school senior looking at schools. What is CUA like socially, location wise academically? Do top law schools respect CUA? How is CUA Law? Thanks</p>


<p>I am quite familiar with the university and the law school. The undergrad school seems to be a pleasant environment. The entire university, including the law school, emphasizes a nurturing, non-cutthroat environment. The law school emphasizes social justice, community service, and involvement. There are a number of clinical and practical programs. The Socratic method (which involves putting students on the spot and humiliating them for not knowing answers) is not allowed. The campus is pretty, and has its own Metro stop. The gym is nice. Undergrad students seem to socialize a lot and do not seem to be stressed. I like that it has so many preprofessional programs- a good engineering school, nursing, library science, architecture school, nice music and performing arts school. It has the feel of a supportive liberal arts college, but offers more. Feel free to private message me.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for this post. We are very interested in the engineering school, particularly biomedical engineering, and also the computer program. Concerns are availability of housing. Hope that son can live all four years on campus, as housing is expensive and hard to come by in the DC area. Also interested in internships at FDA, NIH, or other government agencies. </p>

<p>Would it be okay to use the common app to apply, or should we use Catholic's own application to improve our chances? </p>

<p>Thanks for any info!</p>

<p>The experts always say that it is better to show interest by using the school's own application. However, it is not that difficult to get in, so you should be able to use the Common App if that is easier for you. I think that Catholic encourages online applications. I have always heard good things about the engineering department and know quite a few people who got masters' and PhDs there. It sounds much more friendly and pleasant than a huge engineering department at a state university. One friend also worked there for a year or so (biomedical) and liked it a lot. I know that they just built one or more new dorms, and I've seen some of the other dorms. In late September, I am planning a visit there with my son and will be able to tell you more.</p>

<p>Thank you so much, onemom. Would love to hear about your visit when you get back.</p>