What makes a "good" essay?

Stay away from starting sentences such as;

“The sea was angry that day my friend…”


“As I look back on my time while incarcerated, I take away…”


“There was this kid at band camp…”

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We heard an AO (from Duke I think) say once to write about something unique. Something that makes you stand out and gives them a way to remember you. And something they haven’t heard 1000 times before. His comment, “Do you know how many essays we get from athletes who overcame an injury to lead their team onto the state championship?” He said they have a tendency to refer to kids by their essay topics. My daughter has a friend who wrote her essay about her love of a specific item on the taco bell menu. I assume that made her pretty memorable to those reading her essay and if done well, something that was enjoyable to read. I just think you need to be careful to not try too hard to be “cute” or unique. I think it needs to be genuine.


:wink: Yep!

That happened to my D22.


Same thing happened to our kiddo at Revisit….the AO knew kiddo by the essay….”Oh, you’re the one who wrestles alligators”

(Just kidding, different topic but equally as exciting!) :crocodile: