What makes a "good" essay?

I agree and I discussed this in points 1, 2 and 3, here:

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Hi, still kind of figuring this website out but I submitted an essay about how I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and how that made me realize that I needed to take better care of myself and listen to my body more. Although I already submitted it ed, I could change it.
Does this sound like an okay topic? I started the essay with an anecdote about how I found out about my diagnosis while eating a bagel. Then it transitions to the fact that although the diagnosis wasn’t fun, I’m grateful for the realizations I came to because of it. I’ve had a few people read it over for me, and they all say my personality comes across.
One teacher said it “stood out for sure”. Hoping this was not a negative thing!

If you feel good about it and people say your personality comes through, it sounds like a good essay. :grinning:


I have been reading essays here on CC. If you want me to read it, I can. I will PM you so you can PM me. (My kid has celiac so I understand.)


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