What Math or Math Related Majors Should I get into?

I’m not at 4 year yet, but I am planning on transferring from community college. I want to get a head start on what math or math related major I should get into before picking one that I’m absolutely going to dislike.

I do like the idea of the more applied mathematics as you can actually make a living out of it. There is a lot of fields relating to mathematics, but I don’t know what to choose.

If there is an online quiz that can help me, please provide it. :slight_smile:

Become an Actuary and live a great life. Yes, they do make money.

Data science and machine learning both rely on math and statistics even though they aren’t explicitly called “math.” Both are pretty hot careers right now and likely to stay strong for awhile.

Those both sound pretty fun. I’ll check them out.

You might even be able to take the first actuarial exam now.