What’s the chance that my UCR offer got revoked?

I am a transfer student in ccc and I got accepted to ucr this April. I submitted the sir to ucr from last month. However, unfortunately, the final transcript was out yesterday and I got a D in my physics class from this spring. The professor was really strict and this course was tough. I wanna know how likely my ucr offer will revoke and can I retake this class in ucr? Anyone can help me?

Contact admissions and find out your options. No one on CC will be able to help you since it is all up to UCR admissions. Offering to retake the class this summer might give you some leverage. It is a required major pre-req?

I agree - you should contact the school today, let them know what’s up and see if there’s anything you can do.

You aren’t alone in this so, please let the forum know what you learn from UCR later today.

good luck