What should I do ?

I’m in 10th grade right now studying under the CBSE board . Over the past 6 months I have researched thoroughly about colleges in the United states and it would be my dream to study political science there . My ECs include debating and a few social service activities that I’v been doing for a year now . Financial assistance is not needed and if it is required in the future I believe it will won’t hurt my chances of getting admitted since I am a U.S citizen . Now friends the problem is that I am a complete douche when it comes to maths and science (although I compensate for this in social studies and language subjects ) . I will most probably take up arts in 11th and I really don’t know if the colleges there will think that Im unfit for college . A few of my friends have advised me to see a counselor for admissions but I’m highly skeptical about this cuz iv heard that all they only care about money . This is my first visit to CC and any help would be appreciated !