What SPS students wear??

<p>The title says it all.
What do St.Paul students usually wear?</p>

<p>The majority of students at SPS wear clothes.</p>

<p>Really I heard they all don leaves instead</p>

<p>The same thing Exeter students wear. </p>

<p>Since they are surrounded by a bevy of leaves and such, they decided quite awhile ago to put them to good use as attire. They make sure to dress like 'outsiders' when there's a tour coming. I heard they give you a briefing on it in the dorms after the parents leave. Tradition.</p>

<p>They tend to wear Grass Garments and Lovely Leaves as brands.</p>


<p>Blue jeans aren't allowed. That's all I know.</p>


<p>thank you determined dude.
it was a simple question
you guys don't have to be asses about. I thought you would comprehend what I was saying, but I guess you don't.</p>

<p>..? it's pretty obvious they were joking, chill.</p>

<p>they probably wear what practically every other northeastern prep school does: a mix of brooks brothers, vineyard vines, polo, ralph lauren, lilly pulitzer and if you're not filthy rich, american eagle, aeropostale, gap, old navy, target, etc.. LL bean and north face are popular too.</p>

<p>or are you asking specific garments? like, polos, fleeces, cardigans, etc ..?</p>

<p>You forgot Abercrombie ahah !</p>

<p>Oh come on I was only kidding..... And its because we get threads every other week we or at least myself get tired of responding with the same exact brands and etc
But since you asked and were rather offended at my little laugh</p>

<p>Brooks brothers
J crew
Ralph lauren polo
Vineyard vines
Southern tide
Rainbow sandals
North face
L.L. Bean
Nike mid-calves black or white
Any lax pennie or shorts
The game (college bar hats)
Any generic college athletic shirt from their parents alma mater
Ex: princeton lacrosse</p>

<p>oops swissbrit you're right, but i don't think we have abercrombie in the canada. hahaha</p>

<p>@ hcos, i've never heard of half those brands. uh oh.</p>

<p>Go to some of the Youtubes. You can't check the labels but it will give you an idea. Might try the same Q on the St. Paul's School thread. There are a number of students that check there.</p>

<p>all my clothes in my waredrobe are Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister i really havnt worn anything else for like 3 years now!!!!</p>

<p>how can you even SEE in hollister? it's like pitch-black in there, and the perfume is nauseatingly strong.. oh man, i mean they're probably making millions, if not BILLIONS, can't they afford to pay their electricity bill? honestly it's like a vanilla-scented cave in there.</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - Millville State of Mind
here's a video of SPS, like winterset said.. to give you a fair idea of what SPS kids wear. minus the backwards caps.</p>

<p>Abercrombie > Hollister even though they're the same company.</p>

<p>And omg, North Faces- every girl on the planet has one and wears them with Uggs.</p>

<p>Rad the thing with the north face and the uggs just described my entire school hahaha</p>

<p>You really don't see much abercrombie and hollister, especially with kids from the older forms. Kids that use to wear these clothes in middle school generally make the transition to ralph lauren, j crew ect.. </p>

<p>If you can't afford these clothes its really not a big deal and nothing to stress over. One of the great things about SPS is that kids really do not care about what socioeconomic class you come from.</p>

<p>no one here wears any of those brands, it's strange.. maybe it's a canadian thing, but NO ONE wears lilly pulitzer (never heard of it) or vineyard vines or brooks brothers or polo/ralph lauren. it's like, american eagle, aritzia and lululemon (LOL) as far as the eye can see. if it wasn't for CC, i'd be totally preppy-oblivious.</p>

<p>and north face + uggs = unheard of... at least, not together :S</p>

<p>^ you've NEVER seen those 2 things together :o That combo describes the majority of America's (female) teens and college students!</p>

<p>nope, no one really wears north face here.. unless you're going for a mid-winter trek/camping :S and if so, they're typically ginormously puffy jackets. don't see how those would be flattering with uggs..</p>