What to bring for a trip out of U.S.?

<p>I'm going to Italy and Greece during April and I've never left the country before. I have everything document-wise but I was unsure of what to bring. How much money, how many outfits, etc. I'm nervously excited but I have no clue about what I should bring. Any ideas or thing you wish you would have remembered (once you left)? Thanks!</p>

<p>Italy's really expensive, so make sure you've budgeted extra. Clotheswise, I suggest you bring lots of thins layers as the weather at that time of year is alright, but not very hot. Are you a guy or girl?</p>

<p>Dress nicer like you are going to NYC.
A black suit and pants with long sleeved white shirt will get you into any nice restaurant and parties.
What will you be doing?
Touristy or school related?</p>

<p>I'm a guy and I planned to bring quite a bit of money.
And it's a school sponsored trip, but it's during a vacation so no school is missed and were doing every tourist thing imaginable. But I'm extremely excited and can't wait!</p>