What to bring if your child is heading back to campus during COVID-19

What are you bringing that is new because of the pandemic? Masks, to go bags, etc. This article has some great tips and I wanted to share it with you as well.


vitamins C and D

The page recommends a (pulse) oximeter, which is sometimes used for home monitoring of blood oxygen saturation levels during COVID-19 (if the level falls below a certain threshold, that is an alert to seek medical care, even if symptoms are not severe).

However, some studies have found that at least some models of oximeters read high on dark skin, potentially delaying the alert to seek medical care that a reading at or below __% may give.


We bought a UV sanitizer for our phones in the fall pre-Covid and just bought a second for DD to take with her. Love it because we can also do pens, credit cards, hand sanitizer bottle and other small things (like car keys after we take it for service).

We bought a small uvc light with a remote and timer. However my daughter knows and will make sure her suitemates know that you can not be in the room when it runs since the uv lights can harm the eyes. (You can quickly walk in and shut if off if needed).