What to do about my GPA?

<p>I currently have a Cumulative GPA of 2.3409, Academic Core GPA of 2.2188, Weighted Cumul. GPA of 3.0139.</p>

<p>I failed a lot of classes during sophomore year unfortunately. So i chose to take easier classes as a Junior. </p>

<p>I took PAINT I received an A
AUTO SERV TECH 1 received B+
ENG HON III received B+
ADV PL US GOVT/POL received B+
MATH STUDIES-IB received B</p>

<p>That was the first semester and i was able to predict my grades unfortunately. This semester seems like my grades are going to be a bit little lower. </p>

<p>At the end of this school year i will have enough credits to graduate. So i plan to take even easier classes next school year.</p>

<p>For senior year i plan on taking
AP Statistics
AP Studio
AP Literature & Composition
AP Geography
Team Sports
French 1
Peer Counseling</p>

<p>I have to make up some classes. So i'm going to take English 2 honors, U.S. History Honors, and Physics 1 honors. </p>

<p>I plan on taking some online classes because i am very interested in them and my school doesn't offer some of them, all while trying to raise my GPA.</p>

<p>The ones i've taking into consideration are Creative Photography, Reading for College Success, Personal and Family Income, Life Management Skills, Parenting Skills, Advanced Algebra with Financial, Liberal Arts, Pre-Calculus, Pschology, Sociology, and Anthropology.</p>

<p>I feel those classes will help me for the future, like Algebra with Financial, Personal Family and Income will help my accounting major easier. Pre-Calc will help me do better on the ACT and SAT. Reading for College will help my reading scores. Personal and Family Income, Life Management Skills, Parenting Skills, Sociology and Anthro will just help me in life. Creative Photography seems really interesting and will probably help me in AP Studio. </p>

<p>Am i going at this wrong? Do you have any recommendations?</p>

<p>Bump, any suggestions. Do you see flaws?</p>

<p>Well going into senior year its hard to raise your gpa up. Honestly the only way is to get straight As and you can maybe pull out a 3.0-3.1 uw. Just buckle down and study till when you apply.</p>