What to do now?

So the new semester is starting up and I’m at a stand still. I’m no where near to completing a degree despite 4 years of attending school and I’m even if I want to leave school to figure some stuff out, my mother would be incredibly mad at the fact that I’m not continuing my education, despite me not knowing what to do for a major, despite trying to find the answer. I’m literally not interested in any extracurricular activities nor am I interested in any class I took, like math, English, science, economics, etc to pursue it even further. I’m in a community college, left University for CC, and financial aid has helped payed for my classes btw.

It’s good to hear from you. You’re not alone. It will be ok.
Many still sorting out their next steps, too.

Did you go to career center last year or do a major assessment? Which CAP did you try?

Try volunteering. So many people will appreciate your presence and assistance. There is satisfaction in helping others.

Did you have a summer job? A business degree may help you get promotion. Practical considerations of paying one’s bills, can help with motivation.

See these, some have paid training


I am concerned you may be depressed.
Try meeting a mental health counselor with your parents. Stress management, finding joy with
friends/ extra curricular/ job each day, are skills to learn.


It’s okay to take a break, work and go back if/when you want to. I wonder if you see a counselor or therapist. Maybe they could meet with you and your mother to help your mother understand.

Would you be more interested in a certificate program that leads directly to a specific job?


I took six years to complete my degree. I took nearly all my major classes in my last two years because it took me all the rest of the time to decide what to major in. But I stuck it out. Go to the advising and careers centers. Make appointments and keep them. You can do it.


Sorry for the delayed response, but I have several times, they all kept recommending me to continue school, but they couldn’t exactly say that I should take a break. Their recommendations weren’t interesting me. Same with a therapist, though we did stray away from school problems and other problems; it was a short time being with a therapist so there is no way to bring my mom into the conversation. I would be more interesting a certificate program, but I feel like I need some time to figure out what specifically I want.

You need to find a job and work at something so that you can feel what it’s like to work full time. It may be something you like, or it might not be something you like. Otherwise, explore your CC!

The CC’s generally have lots of good certificate and journeyman programs. In our area, we have programs in carpentry, plumbing, appliance repair, paralegal, Foods and nutrition (chef prep), Fashion design, Nursing assistant, IT, Information systems, criminal justice, human resources, etc.
(I would love to take a course in appliance repair, but I haven’t had the time!)

It’s good that you are at a CC because you can try some of these programs and see what fits. If nothing seems to rock your world, you might want to consider speaking to a physician about a full physical with labs and find out if something is affecting your energy and disposition.

Good luck!

Edited to Add: Just saw your previous post. Family wants you to get a degree and you are emotionally/mentally/spiritually not there. Consider something that will help you to become self supporting. Since you want to live in a peaceful, quiet environment, I would suggest you do firefighting studies, or forestry studies because you can always become a firefighter for the forest service in those states (Idaho, Wyoming, Montana).
My cousin’s son does just that near Lone Pine, CA. He took some courses in forest studies and is a ranger. He loves it!

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One of my kids left school to work for a few years, and returned to school in a degree completion program that was part-time, and she continued to work. She found that work was motivating and helped with organization.

Would you say you are depressed? The lack of interest in so many things might suggest that, but we don’t know you. If you do have that diagnosis, I would consider medications if you aren’t already. They can be life-changing.

I hope your mom can support a break from school!

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I’m not entirely sure I would call myself depressed, though I do feel down trying to figure out college stuff and my future. Unfortunately, I don’t have a diagnosis for it so I don’t know. Last thing, the other day I asked my brother about him taking a break, he did take a break from school and when my mom found out, she was really mad about it.

I have gone to career counseling several times, but hasn’t changed my opinion all that much

If you have health insurance, you could see a therapist, or a counselor at school perhaps. It is common to take a break and it often refreshes perspective. Your lack of interest in various subjects makes it hard to study. Would a practical associate’s or certificate be more motivating? I really hope you can talk to someone and determine if you are depressed: there are treatments! And maybe someone could talk to your mom.

I have gone to career counseling several times, however, there was little progress made, even with assessments. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a summer job, but regardless I’m looking for a job right now. Also, I really don’t have an interest in a business degree; I understand people recommending me careers to consider, but I still have little interest regardless. I give volunteering a chance, if I have time. I also don’t know if my parents would even have time to go to a mental health counselor.

Your parents? Therapy is between you and a therapist and your parents will not be involved in it. You can check your health insurance to find therapists who are part of your network. Start calling today.

The fact that are still responding here tells us that you want to make positive changes for yourself. Follow through and keep at it. Go back to the career center and see a different person.Go back to the advisor and work through the options.

Thank you for considering my ideas.

I wish you good luck to try some of the suggestions posted by others. (even if they aren’t interesting right now, it’s ok.)

Good luck with your job search today!

Also, want to encourage you to do positive things for yourself with healthy habits:
get a good night’s sleep,
get daily exercise such as extra walking,
share a meal or laugh with a friend,
do a small kindness for someone,
and continue to seek support at college.

Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. Sorry for the long wait for the response, I’ll see what happens with exploring different options with a different advisor.

Thank you for the kind advice.

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How are you? Hope your week is starting out ok.:grinning:

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Yeah, I’m doing fine

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