What type of device do you use to access the CC forum?

Good evening, users

Are there any other options to access the forum besides using a desktop or laptop?

Way back in 2005 I use to build forums and only had a desktop and laptop, I worked on.

It’s been years now, I’m guessing forums have become android OS and iOS compatible since, a person can’t be on their PC 24/7.

You can access this forum via a smart phone as well as on your laptop or desktop computer.

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That’s good now to know it’s phone compatible :slight_smile:

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95% of my access is via iPad. A tour of Reddit forums and CC is my standard lunch-at-a-fast-food-joint routine.


iPad is a bit tricky due to the keyboard and requires some time to get use too :slight_smile:

I use my phone at least 90% of the time. If I want to type a longer response, I might hop on a computer


Same here.

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iPad with keyboard case, can’t stand screen keyboard.

Use the device that is most comfortable and convenient to you. Whether that is PC, Mac, tablet (with or without keyboard), or mobile device is up to you. I use all of the above depending on what is most convenient for me at the time.

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Phone, 99% of the time

99% phone but the drop downs for school forums for me gives an error…

In my opinion, this forum is very difficult to use on an IPhone. I almost exclusively use my iPad. But then, I use my iPad for almost everything. My laptop gets very limited use.


I’ve tried Kindle before and it wasn’t… horrible

Cool I bought an Ipad 9th Generation With Cellular Sim, network and factory unlocked. I just use it for watching videos and doing work on it. But don’t know if I should get the keyboard “thinking”

Plus got a screen protector, a protective case and a camera slider to block the camera in case :slight_smile:

If funds are tight, why buy an ipad to largely play games?


Just need an iPad I don’t use it to play games.

not needed if the main purpose is to watch videos either.

Yes needed for important work and entertainment plus schooling purposes used it for :slight_smile:

What kind of “important work”?

Since the question has been answered, closing thread

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