what vaccinations needed?

<p>my health center portal is all messed up and a little confused. what are the exact vaccinations we need to have for being a new student? i'm a transfer so no dorms, just on-campus apartments.</p>

<p>Read this and be sure and scroll down to the part about if you graduated from a California school after 2005.</p>

<p>Immunization</a> Information - Health & Counseling Services- Cal Poly</p>

<p>So Cal Poly's Health center doesn't give free shots to students that need them?
I'm also surprised that needing shots isn't on the To-Do list.</p>

<p>Surfbuff...I'm also transferring to the on-campus apartments this fall. My major is EE; do you know if they group people together by major in the apartments?</p>

<p>2Leashes thanks i didn't notice the 2005 note. </p>

<p>ph4ntom my major is LS. i think they try to group u together but idk</p>

<p>ph4ntom: My daughter got a free flu shot at the Health Center last year as a freshman.</p>

<p>So if we graduated from a public high school in CA, we don't need to submit any documentation at all?</p>