What words do you routinely use as "searches" on CC and other forums?

<p>I routinely search CC for any mentions of my screenname, mentions of other forumers I find interesting, ccislulz, asperger's, modafinil/provigil, adderall, piracetam, transhumanism, nihilism, relativism, transavianism, any of the other forums i go to (it's pretty amazing to realize that a lot of people who register for one forum are more likely than not to register on another forum you go on), various avians, and various scientific names for various avian species. i also like searching for 4chan memes</p>

<p>What about you?</p>

<p>haha though, on forums LESS obsessive about academics, i tend to search for key words like psat, aime, usamo, self-study, caltech, etc...</p>

mostly in random acts of necromancy</p>