What would be the first clubs you'd join when you get to college?

<p>Just interesting. :p</p>

<p>Glee club, that's what you do in college.</p>

<p>Possibly a preppy dinner party club.</p>

<p>I'd probably end up joining the Anime Club, the College Republicans, Quizbowl, some kind of RPG/Dungeons and Dragons club, and some kind of faith-based club.</p>

<p>cryptozoology club. definitely.</p>

<p>^Lol, master chief loves sniping lost-confused brutes that we collectively call "Bigfoot".</p>

<p>Do they have more "casual" science competitions/respective clubs at college levels?
(i.e. Science Olympiad, Science Leagues, etc.)
So far, in high school, I find these kind of events/competitions kind of entertaining and usually about interesting topics/subjects.</p>

<p>On a side note, BJJ + Boxing + Muay Thai ftw! (Basically an MMA club actually, which are gaining steady popularity at many colleges/universities I hear?)</p>

Anime Club, the College Republicans


<p>Palin/Giant Robot 2012</p>

Palin/Giant Robot 2012


<p>More like Magical Girl Governor Palin 2012.</p>

<p>Japan Club, Anime Club, East Asian Club, Creative Writing Club, Art Club, Young Author Club, Photography Club....I'm sure I'll think of more. xD</p>

<p>@Altsustar- That image just scarred me for life...</p>

<p>Literary magazine, anime club, an RPG/DnD Club, Quiz Bowl, and an environmental-themed club.</p>

<p>for female engineering majors: Society for Women Engineers. Immedately. do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars do proceed immediately to SWE for group support and inside track on professors, classes, survival techniques, undergrad research, engineering team membership, and future mentors.</p>


<p>College Republicans, FCA (Is that a college thing?), School Spirit Club, student media, Field Hockey club, lacrosse club, volunteer club</p>

<p>All the premed and science clubs.</p>

<p>at most 2 clubs. a psych club and a sort of publication. I have simple tastes and believe me if you try to pack on all those clubs you'll burnout soon</p>

<p>Probably some science clubs, a political discussion club, and a robotics team/club</p>

<p>French Club (if there's one), East Asian Club (even though I'm basically the opposite of Asian), and...I dunno, if I find another interesting club, I guess I'll join.</p>

<p>Kendo Club
Rock Paper Scissors Club
The Club for Finding other Clubs

<p>the first club i would join is a bhangra group.
it's a indian cultural thing. the one from johns hopkins is the shiznit! :]]
they have some sickk videos on youtube. ;p</p>

<p>i'd also join some other random things. :]</p>

some kind of prestigious purely intellectual club
neuroscience/philosophy related club(s)
newman center</p>

<p>french club, fencing :D, ultimate frisbee, photography, environmental club :)</p>

<p>I can't believe I forgot French Club!</p>

<p>I guess it is so obvious to me.. because I want to major in that. =/</p>