What would happen if someone threatened to hurt themselves if a certain college...

<p>Didn't admit him/her? Like, what if he/she just stood on top of the Empire State Building and demanded that Columbia offered admission, or he/she would jump?</p>

<p>Weird question, but I've always wanted to know what would happen. Would the college just lie about offering admission and then rescind it? Would they call it as a bluff? Would they just let him in after all? Would they let him jump?</p>

Haha, I'M not planning on doing this. I'm not that obsessed.</p>

<p>The authorities, your school, and your parents would be called in no time at all.</p>

<p>Schools don't want a suicidal/unstable student. Especially not Cornell, they already have enough of that $#!%.</p>

<p>"Especially Cornell"- hahaha</p>