What would you want as your last meal before you die?

<p>hypothetical question</p>

<p>sunny side up eggs… </p>

<p>i really don’t know why every morning lately i’ve felt like i need them</p>

<p>There’s this food truck in Cambridge near MIT that serves Vietnamese food. Its really hip and trendy, and once a week, I go and get a rice bowl with coconut spice rubbed chicken and fresh vegetables and a glass of organic Thai iced green tea. </p>

<p>I would gladly accept this as my last meal without a second thought.</p>

<p>I’m forgetting the name, but this 4-cheese chicken pasta dish they serve at Cheesecake Factory. With the bread. And iced tea. And cheesecake.</p>

<p>now i feel like a loser!</p>

<p>i change my mind. i want the “shazam” at pix patisserie</p>

<p>Chicken & Waffles, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns.</p>

<p>Stir fried rice with diced onions and chicken. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s Vietnamese.</p>

<p>strawberries, strawberry mango limanata, thanksgiving stuffing, curry rice, vegetable jal frazi, fudge</p>

<p>Grilled cheese</p>

<p>Ghost Chili peppers + wasabi + curry + a lot of spicy things</p>

<p>And that is when I will die.</p>

<p>[Edible</a> Balloon - YouTube](<a href=“Edible Balloon - YouTube”>Edible Balloon - YouTube)</p>

<p>Ice cream cake</p>

<p>I don’t know…something only old people eat so I could be guaranteed a long life.</p>

<p>Mcdoanalds its a real “killer”</p>