Whatcha Doing This Weekend - Labor Day Edition

I enjoy hearing the variety of stuff - some simple, some more complex - that people are up to.

Any “labor” plans around the house? Any summer weekend adventures!? (don’t forget it’s still summer for a few more weeks!)

Any get togethers or good food in your weekend??

I took today off. Started with a 5 mile walk this morning. I’ve been getting needed “puttering” around the house and yard stuff done this morning. Planted some herb seeds to start inside to keep some at hand even after the outside stuff dwindles…also planted some fall radish seeds outside because why not.

I have a couple of outdoor painting projects to work on. Would love to do a garage clean out but I need my other half to be up for that cause so much is his…but he’s currently NOT on board. :frowning:

The weather is beautiful and evenings should be cool enough (meaning not boiling hot) for a fire or two in our fire pit. Which would take care of lots of sticks I have gathered from our yard!

I’ll see my mom and maybe invite her to come down to our house for the day tomorrow. She doesn’t want to spend the night anymore but I think she could use a day away from home. The trick is convincing her. :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for H to come home from FIL’s in VA as we type. He’s caught in the traffic along I 95. I’m sure it doesn’t help that there’s holiday traffic along with at least one accident. The four hour trip has taken us seven hours before. Hopefully this will be shorter. I’m just thankful he’s not in the accident.

Later today we (or just I if he doesn’t make it here in time) will be stopping by the rental house we own that we want to sell to see what we want to do with it before listing. Tomorrow we meet with the RE agent to get her ideas. Then we need to decide if we still want to sell or re-rent. Afterward we’ll get take out of some sort for lunch because we always do that on the 5th of each month to celebrate our monthly wedding anniversary. It meant a lot more when the kids were young, but we still enjoy the tradition.

The weather is supposed to be perfect here starting tomorrow. H might end up getting some engineering field work done. I’m hoping to start socializing our 2020 pony baby. Sometime relatively soon we’ll be heading to VA to spend a bit of time with FIL so whatever can be done now will be helpful later. I’m hoping to sell the pony for Christmas and people will definitely want manners.

Tonight I want a game - perhaps 7 Wonders. I love playing games together (4 of us with son and DIL living here too).

I took today off , too. Started with a run in my neighborhood, than H and I drove (not far) to Wolf Trap National Park and hiked there. I/we have attended so many concerts and shows there over the years but had never walked around the grounds which are lovely. Fun to walk behind the area we normally sit in and see how big it is! A totally different view. Then I got a few errands done.

H and I celebrate our 40th anniversary this weekend! We had been starting to plan a trip to Northern California/Napa etc. when everything changed. (Fingers crossed for next year). We are on Plan B - driving to Charlottesville tomorrow and will stay overnight at a very nice place (we have stayed there before). Hope to go out to a vineyard tomorrow and have lunch reservations on Sunday. Realized it’s UVA move in weekend, hopefully we are not impacted too much.

That’s the highlights!

I have some work to do. But other than that, we plan on seeing Tenet at the drive-in and going on a couple of long hikes. I also need to finish pulling out the weeds in the backyard garden. Time permitting, I’ll also do a 3D jigsaw puzzle that has been sitting on my table for a couple weeks now.

Just heading out to go up to our cabin with our daughter and the dogs. :slight_smile: Happiness!

Happy Anniversary! @FallGirl

It’s supposed to be very hot here in San Diego tomorrow and Sunday. We live near the coast and the forecast is for the upper 90’s!

We are having a distanced swim and barbecue at our friends home tomorrow. We have gotten together with this couple before and they are very careful just like us. We bring our own food and drinks. Sunday D1 and her bf (and their adorable pup) will come to our house for dinner. Later this afternoon H, D2 and I are going to a local winery I am a member of to pick up my July, August and September wines. They have a lovely large outdoor area so we will enjoy a glass of wine and charcuterie after work.

I just made an appointment to see my parents (outside, masked) for the first time since March. We also decided to invite another couple over to sit outside since it is going to be so nice. We have only seen one other couple since the whole pandemic. We have not gone out to eat or to any gatherings since most of that is discouraged or not allowed (but I feel like we are the only people abiding by that, judging from FB)

Otherwise, I plan to knock off work a little early today and probably get some things organized for a thrift shop pickup of clothes and old furniture. I am so lucky made this appointment back in June!

H is playing volleyball at the beach this morning which is an allowed activity. Beaches will be closed today through Monday for passive activities. I’m making English muffins with my sourdough discard. Doing a little cleaning before it gets too hot. When my H gets home we will go pick up lunch and bring it home and eat outside.
My brother and his wife asked if they can come up for one night. They have been vigilant Covid wise and we have an outside separate entrance room and bath they can stay in. It’s not as comfortable as our guest room as it’s a sofa bed but they have agreed to not come inside the main house. They will bring food to grill. We have a large pool and veranda area so easy to distance from each other. My local sibling had knee replacement two weeks ago and another sibling has been caring for her. My brother and his wife will stop by and visit with them in the backyard. I would love for my son and his wife and my daughter to come over but my son has not been as cautious as I would like.
I’m hoping my D and her BF will come over to swim after my brother leaves.

We probably won’t do much of anything and remain hermits as we have been since mid-March. I sure hope we don’t have a further surge in cases due to bad choices this Labor Day, but I’m not optimistic. :frowning:

^^^ Sorry about the increased cases @HImom , most of us went through what you’re going through just at an earlier date.

Hermits can still have a little fun! :slight_smile:

Happy Anniversary @FallGirl your get away sounds wonderful.

@mom60 I was craving a good english muffin this morning!

I may make another round of my homemade bagels this weekend. Someone sent us a box of American Spoon products and I opened the Raspberry Butter this morning and OMG it was amazing!

H got a jump on the weekend yesterday by starting to clear stuff out of the garage, taking it to the town dump. He pulled a lot of hard drives and took the towers to the electronics recycling bin along with some old monitors, keyboards, printers etc. He also shredded a lot of documents and took that detritus to the paper recycling bins. Another load went today and the garage is starting to look like a garage rather than a recycling center!

I made some brownies to take to a socially distanced outdoor dinner at a friend’s house tomorrow night. Tomorrow I’ll make a blueberry galette for the non-chocolate lovers. We will be 3 couples and though these are some of our closest friends we haven’t seen any of them in person since last February. All have been very Covid-careful and as long as we’re distanced and outside I feel comfortable with the plans.

Other than that, we’ll probably go into the city to see D, S, DIL and GS - maybe a picnic in the park.

Saturday is a work day, a few house and yard projects to work on. We’ll have my husband’s famous burgers and probably corn on the cob and a Caesar salad. Sunday my brother and his family come for a socially distanced, overnight campout out in our yard. We’ve done it three times this summer, and it’s been a lot of fun. Sadly this will likely be the last time we can do it this year. May do Cornell chicken with a couple of yet to be determined sides. Monday we’ll relax and hang around the pool. I think ribs are on the menu, and cole slaw for sure. Normally we eat healthy and veggie heavy, but H loves to grill, so we fill holiday weekends with lots of man-meat. :smiley:

Started today with an hour of tennis and then a 4 mile walk. Weather is beautiful here. Golfing late afternoon tomorrow with DH. Weather looking iffy for Sun/Mon so probably finish my basement clean out :(.

I am still in my own little lockdown. Hoping no surges after Labor Day. My town will be crowded one more weekend, because we are on the coast. Hoping summer people go home but fear they will linger longer this year. I sound like a Labor Day Scrooge I guess. Have fun everyone and stay safe!

Biggest weekend since this whole thing started. Driving to see my daughter for the first time since March. Have reservations at a hotel and to dine outside on a restaurant patio. Just so excited to see her in the flesh!

Nothing different than any other weekend. Ground Hog Days again here.

I took half a day today and got my hair colored and cut. The salon was quite empty.

It was going to be a quiet weekend, but sister-in-law asked me if I wanted to meet for drinks tomorrow. We are going to meet up at a roof top bar at a hotel. I haven’t done that in a while. Most hotels are fairly empty in NYC, so I assume those bars should be empty too.

We are doing something fun tonight. I’m having my closest friends over who I have been co quarantining with for months. We are setting up the outdoor pizza oven and making our own pizzas, followed by hand cranking some ice cream and then we are setting up the projector and outdoor screen to watch a movie. We haven’t decided between Knives Out or Eurovision

We loved Knives Out!

H & I will go to our cottage tomorrow & stay until Tuesday. S is at his GF’s family cottage, and D & her H want to stay home to get some things done around the house (they are expecting a baby in January and are beginning to worry they won’t be ready!). So we didn’t see any reason to go out for the whole weekend. This way, we can feed S’s cat today and tomorrow morning.

We are hanging pictures today. We have been collecting art by a particular artist for years, and we finally got everything framed. We have new living room furniture and new overhead lighting. We still haven’t painted, so we are experimenting with picture placement before painting. It looks great, and we are really happy. Small things bring happiness these days!