what's on your christmas list?

<p>little late.. i know. but i stilllll need to give my mom more ideas. i have a winter jacket so far. ha </p>

<p>oh and a gift card. thinking about a kindle. but i need to know others' lists to get ideas :)</p>

<p>Journey to the West! It's a Chinese classic. It's about Buddhism, but Dragon Ball is parody of the story. WOO.
New pajamas.
Computer-necessity based on "I'm obsessed with school work."
I-Pod Touch.</p>

<li>Pokemon White</li>
<li>WoW Lich King</li>
<li>WoW Cataclysm</li>
<li>WoW time card (and yes, I am a big fan of WoW :D )</li>
<li>Couple Nancy Drew games</li>
<li>Sims 3 Pets Limited Edition</li>
<li>Swedish fish (best candy EVER lol)</li>
<li>Electric blanket</li>
<li>Fuzzy socks</li>
<li>Princeton Review AP study books</li>
<li>The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya on Blu-ray</li>
<li>I'll probably also be getting what my mom considers to be "nice clothes"; as of late she has been complaining about my 2-sizes-too-large sweaters worn with my pink sweatpants, lol. It just so happens that loose, flexible clothing is the easiest to study in, haha.</li>

<p>aww pokemon white :). in an ideal world where i lived for a really long time, or where i was still younger, I might have asked for that.</p>

<p>My mom made me ask for something, so I have * Father and Son *, the memoir of Edmund Gosse, on my list.</p>

<p>^ I am taking 3 AP courses next semester and self-studying another 3. I'm totally entitled to be able to play "immature" games over Christmas break...do not mock me or I will kill you with my gnome warlock >: )</p>

<p>But it's true...despite my hard working, self-motivated attitude and mature and composed appearance, I have a total weakness for immature things like the Warriors books, Pokemon games, Wizards of Waverly Place, and anything with Hello Kitty on it, lol!</p>

<p>Everyone needs to unwind from their studies sometimes, right?</p>

<p>I totally forgot something</p>

<p>Crest White Strips.</p>

<p>Everybody needs those.</p>

<p>I'm getting a PS3 to replace the other one, which died. I'm also getting Skyrim for PS3, a couple of new t-shirts, and that's about it.</p>

I totally wish I had a PS3. Skyrim looks awesome :) I doing a presentation on it for my next Gaming Club meeting.</p>



<p>Nothing else matters.</p>

<p>Robert D. Hare's 'Without Conscience.' Want want want want want. Other than that, I'd like the two Sims 3 expansion packs I'm missing. I also would like a larger fish tank but I'm leaving so soon that it's probably not worth the investment. Some toys for my dog would be nice, too.</p>

<li>Sperry's shoes</li>

<p>New guitar so I can self-study it xDD</p>

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<p>Nothing too big; just some clothes, shoes, makeup, and movies.</p>

<p>My parents got me a Kindle Touch a few weeks ago and it's pretty awesome. I won't be asking for anything since these colleges fees are expensive enough. Just gonna relax and have fun with my family.</p>

<p>Just clothes really. I didn't really need/want anything so I just got a bunch of new jeans and hoodies.</p>

<p>Portal 2
A ticket to see The Book of Mormon (Hello! My name is Elder Price <3)
An iTunes gift card</p>

<p>Lol I asked for snowboarding gear and payments for our school's ski trips (which occur about weekly/biweekly depending on weather).</p>

<p>I kind of slowed my rage for technology after realizing that I don't NEED the latest and greatest. A tough phone that has good signal, a long-living battery, and texting abilities is enough; I have no use for the extravagant and expensive data packages that come with delicate smartphones. I have an iPod Touch that I bought with money from mowing the lawn over the summer, so I don't need another any time soon. Laptop/computer/tablet wise, I can live with my family's until I get into college, when I need to actually have my own (and I will buy some super awesome computer then).</p>

<p>A job. :[</p>

<p>Also, The New and Improved Newt Gingrich Instructional Yoga Video.</p>

<p>Makeup, but that's pretty much on my Christmas list every year.</p>

<p>Possibly a smartphone. I'm still on the fence about whether I want one, though.</p>

<p>Hmmm guys, i, like, i just don know! It's like at times i want this, and, then, like, at times i want that! So like, whatever my daddy wants to get me is fine....but like, still....last year he bought me the new 1 series convertible from that italian company bmw or whatever, cept it toally sucks! i drove it to pick up my bestie the day after xmas and shes like, 'wt#, u cant afford anything better, wow bye loser,' so basically i had to go find a new group to sit with at lunch, which made life so hard. we sat a whole table closer to the nerd table, and like, seriously people, u exepect ME to be even close to nerds. um ya, no thanks. SO ANYWAYSSSSSSSSSSS, this year im asking daddy for a range rover EVOQUE, i just got done watching some cute little youtube video about it, and i think like viktoria beckham was driving it. OMG SO CUTE!
OH AND ONE LAST THING, ya before i go...u guys need to think of better xmas lists, my daddy says that if everyone spends more this xmas than our country will go out of debt, or maybe global warming will stop, but anyway, this girls OUT!</p>