What's the best winter clothing for upstate NY?

<p>HELP My dd is from sunny Southern California. When we went to drop her off in BUFFALO NY, we were hoping to see some winter clothing in the stores and went to all of the sporting goods outlets in her area. None were selling winter clothing. It's now starting to get cooler and I want her to purchase something online, but I have no idea what works best in heavy snow and cold weather.</p>

<p>It's still sweatshirt weather. :) I'm sure the stores have cooler weather clothing now, she just needs to go to the nearest mall.... As I'm sure you've found out, if they don't like it, they won't wear it.</p>

<p>Lands End clothes are great for cold damp weather but these are not popular among college age kids. I think she should go to the mall with someone who is used to our Cleveland/Buffalo weather and have them help her pick things out. If she happens to be more for function over fashion, check landsend.com</p>

<p>When it is just "cold" the college age kids like North Face thick zip front polar fleece jackets.</p>

<p>In the winter, it will be often be cold and DAMP. Polar fleece is cozy but you want a waterproof layer on top.</p>

<p>Pantagonia for outerwears. My daughter said nothing gets in (rain, snow...). I usually buy them in the summer when they go on sale. They put elastic lining inside sleeves and hood and they are truly water proof.</p>

<p>Lots of layers (both top AND bottom - decent silk longjohns under jeans are comfortable and not noticeable but add warmth) and lots of fleece. Northface is very "in" also and they do have outlet stores. I find breathable ("wickable") ski socks in regular boots to really help.</p>

<p>Really, any reputable cold-weather clothing will do, and I'm sure there are several places in the Buffalo area to purchase such goods. I like Columbia brand, readily available in stores and often on discount.</p>

<p>Is she anywhere near an outlet mall? You can get NorthFace at their outlets for good discounts. They have good coats, too, not just fleeces.</p>

<p>My advice would be for her to buy her clothing in Buffalo. She should go shopping with students who are from Upstate NY, who can advise her what best to get.</p>

<p>Winter clothing should be arriving in stores shortly. While your D may consider the weather cold now, it's what Upstate New Yorkers consider sweatshirt and sweater weather.</p>

<p>Tell her to take a trip to the Walden Galleria with a few friends. She'll find a multitude of choices there. Oh, and if she thinks this is cold, she's in for a long winter!</p>

<p>If she is at UBuffalo and has access to a car, or a friend with a car they should take a ride to the outlet mall in Niagara Falls. Lots of options to choose from there. I grew up in that area, and my advice is to layer! You want to be able to shed layers in class, when the heat is on. Though many prefer the short coats, a longer coat will repel the wind and keep the gusts from her legs. And make sure she gets a warm hat that covers her ears. Not always the most fashionable, but she will thank you!! Otherwise, the Boulevard Mall is just up the road from campus, and the Galleria Mall is out by the airport. Both have full retail selections. In the dead of winter I suggest a lightweight inner layer, covered by a fleece, coat, hat, scarf and gloves. And don't forget boots with good traction... hard-pack snow and ice can be treacherous.</p>

I live about 5 miles from the aforementioned Prime Outlet mall. Believe me whenn I tell you, my DD would not be happy having to find a winter coat there. I was just there yesterday, in fact. It's great for shoes, or work stuff, but not so great for college kids. The best place to go is Dick's Sporting Goods, there is one on Maple near the Boulevard Mall or on Transit Road. Plus, they are on-line, so if she picked something out, Mom could order it, and thus pay for it. Great idea, huh?! They have North Face, Nike, Columbis, all kinds of great stuff, especially the kind where you zip in the fleece under a weatherproof shell. Super for Buffalo weather. Google Dick's Sporting Goods, do not shorten it to Dick's or you will be shocked at what you get!!!! LOL.</p>

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<p>Washington State and Minnesota and Wisconsin college kids like Columbia jackets.
Washington DC and Cleveland and Buffalo college kids like North Face jackets.
There might be a dotted line in Indiana somewhere, a North Face Columbia border.</p>

<p>Daughter lives in silk long underware. We get it from LL Bean. Also their slippers (furlined leather with real soles, in mocosins or clogs) are a big hit for tile dorm floors</p>

<p>Under Armour cold gear is very much appreciated by my daughters who attend school in Minnesota and New York. They are both big North Face fans and prefer hiker socks as well. Both love their Under Armour turtlenecks and long leg warmers (also UA) for extremely chilly days.
Both buy a lot of their gear at either REI:</a> Outdoor Gear, Equipment & Clothing for Camping, Hiking, Cycling, Fitness, Kayaking, Canoeing and More or Kittery</a> Trading Post: Always Free Shipping on Orders over $50!
Warm scarves, high quality polar fleece hats and gloves are always in order...</p>

<p>Why would your kid go to school in Buffalo if you live in Southern CA?</p>

<p>After freezing at college in central NY state, I found that comfort over style is essential. Even with global warming it's blanky blank cold in Buffalo to this day. Fleece in my opinion is not for winter. A down jacket is a necessity (unless fur if preferable or desirable - please no peta comments or flames). Northface makes a popular model. Ugg boots or similar cold weather boots are also needed. (I had the most awful snow boots, but I did not get frost bite trekking through below zero weather. Uggs are much nicer.)</p>

<p>Although a few people recommended Lands End, I generally prefer the LL Bean catalogue. </p>

<p>Do not underestimate the value of long winter underwear. The old fashioned thermals of yore have lots of nice modern replacements. The ski wear section of the catalogues should be helpful on this end.</p>

<p>I know some former New Jerseyans who after a few years in California, returned to NJ, and wore shorts in the winter. This, IMHO, is inadvisable.</p>

<p>I personally prefer the winter weather in LA. :( but I won't be there.</p>

<p>Sears carries Lands End if that makes things easier. There is one in Buffalo, but you can also look in your local store and send/mail order it. I've found the products to be just as good but less expensive than LL Bean.</p>

<p>Long underwear, warm socks, gloves, hats, scarves, a heavy wool coat and a warm ski jacket, warm boots, long sleeved t-shirts to layer under sweaters or fleece, and don't forget to pack moisturizer to protect the exposed skin and lots of chapstick (Burt's Bees brand is great) to protect against cracked lips from the cold. For everyday footwear, Merrell hiking boots or Timberlands.</p>

<p>As the parent of a student who goes to college in upstate New York (Ithaca, though, not Buffalo, so the winters are not quite so bad), I suggest that it's not worth picking boots for reasons of fashion. They're only going to get stained, anyway, from the snow melt chemicals that are used on the roads and sidewalks. Your student may as well get something that's waterproof and warm.</p>

<p>Long winter underwear is an iffy proposition because you can't easily take it off when you go inside campus buildings, which are often quite warm. I'm sure long underwear is a great idea for students who participate in outdoor sports, but for those who only walk from one side of the campus to the other, it may not be practical.</p>

<p>We live in the snow belt and have always been pleased with Columbia jackets. They're not as expensive as Northface, and are very practical - find one with a waterproof, breathable outer shell and a zip out fleece liner, and you've got three jackets in one. I'm amazed at their warmth, and I wore down for many years.</p>