What's the deal with Nepali consultancies?

I’ve heard many names like Orbit, NIEC, ULCI, Edwise, etc. And way too many Nepali students sneak into the US with the help of these consultancies.

These students are average students with SAT scores, ECs, etc that are nowhere near acceptable standards.

In fact, after speaking with some of them, I learned that their main concern is not their college application but the US visa interview.

So my question is, how did they even get an i-20 in the first place with deplorable SAT scores, average grades, dull (possibly plagiarized) SOPs, and… you know where I am getting at right?

It is okay to get help from these consultancies to make your way into a US college? What are your views on this matter? How are the consultancies managing to deceive the visa office?

@imagoddamasshat Thanks for your question! You may be able to find your answer in general in this recent article from College Confidential, which covered this topic in depth. You may find it here:https://insights.collegeconfidential.com/admissions-officers-reveal-importance. Your question regarding consultancies, based on my understanding (I may be wrong) they might have done some kind of two-way process to get I-20, with/without having test scores, SOPs, Ec’s etceteras. Having said this, you may find the article from College Confidential which covered international students application process: https://insights.collegeconfidential.com/6-facts-international-applicants-should-know-about-us-colleges