What's the point of taking english 4H if there's no weighted grade

<p>Then shouldn't english cp be taken since its easier and an A is a 4 unless its AP? My school has all 3 and only in the AP the A counts as 5 so I'm thinking what's the point of taking Honors is CP is the same grading system.</p>


<p>To go to harvard</p>

<p>Colleges also look at rigor. Taking more challenging classes (assuming you get good grades) is more impressive, even if it doesn't give you a weighted gpa. My school doesn't weight gpa's period, but people still take AP classes to show that they like to be academically challenged.</p>

<p>I heard colleges just look at grades from 9-11 grade which makes sense because when you apply it'll be before the 1st semester of senior yr...I still don't know if I want to go straight to a 4yr even though I have the a-g and almost all the recommended yrs </p>


<p>^That's not always true. If you apply regular decision, many schools will see your first semester grades senior year. And many do require transcripts at the end of senior year and reserve the right to rescind people.</p>

<p>:\ well I might take honors but cp is an easy A I took it freshmen yr..I've been taking honors after that but if I don't actually try I get a C+ which is techniquely a B+....the people in cp always made jokes which were funny but not all the time b/c I actually wanted to do the work but it wasn't fun being the only one with an A+ because somehow it wasn't 'cool'</p>


<p>I don't see the point in taking advanced classes unless you're actually interested in the subject or if it will help you achieve some sort of objective.</p>