wheaton college

<p>Has anyone heard rd decissions?</p>

<p>Not a word. I believe they will be delivered via snail mail only, though.</p>

<p>I've heard they go out in batches beginning 3/21. Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks for the info twr, good luck to you guys .....and post what happens</p>

<p>So, now it's the 23rd...Anyone received their regular decision from Wheaton as of today?</p>

<p>nope nothing.......:(
waiting sucks</p>

<p>I havent heard anything either. The mail hasnt come yet today, but I'm waiting... Waiting definitely sucks. Where else did you guys apply? Is Wheaton a safety for you?</p>

<p>I applied to gettysburg, bates, hamilton, smith, conn college, skidmore, W&J, AND......theres more but i forget...wheaton isnt really a safety, i think more of a mtch/safety</p>

<p>did you hear from hamilton yet? I applied to: Bowdoin, BC, Carleton, Colby, Hamilton, Lawrence, Union, University of Rochester, Wheaton, and Yale</p>

<p>no...hamilton sends letters on friday and you can check your MyHamilton account on the 30th with the decision there..good luck!</p>

<p>ahh! this whole waiting thing really bites. i applied to wheaton and 14 other schools, but wheaton is more of a match because i think i'd like the area and the campus... i really hope it gets here before this weekend!!</p>

<p>Anybody received any Wheaton mail today?</p>

<p>JUST CALLED Wheaton today...and they said everything was mailed TODAY 3/24/05, and also if you dont find out your decision by monday to call the ad office and ask for it. good luck to all!</p>

<p>Thank you, Sara! Now we can take a break from those frequent mailbox checks.</p>

<p>haha. guess someone beat me to the good news. yup. they mailed them today, so look for them in your mailboxes maybe sat... (for west coasters) ahh.. i'm excited. what drew you guys to this school anyway?</p>

<p>D met the rep and liked the way he talked about the school. What about you?</p>

<p>well my hs guidance counselor used to work there and immediately suggested that i look at it...it was my first college visit waaay back during my jr year and i just really liked the atmosphere, although i sort of felt it was a little too small, but i apped anyways.....good luck all!</p>

<p>did anyone hear yet today??? any acceptances? what are your stats?? i'm getting worried.</p>

<p>hopefully tommorrow! Got admitted to Smith today...YEah</p>

<p>congrats sara306... i didn't get into smith, so now i'm worried it's going to be a ripple effect...</p>