When are decisions coming out? Today or Tuesday?

<p>I've heard a bunch of rumors and I want some answers because we have been waiting very long. Use the sources you have and let us know when you think decisions will be released. Thank You</p>

<p>Well, no one is certain yet. But in the past, decisions have been sent out through the mail on Friday and decisions have been released online that Saturday. A source on here said they went to the office of admissions yesterday and they said they sent them out yesterday. Not sure if that's certain though...???</p>

<p>I have posted several times that I believe it will be Tuesday the 31st after 5pm. The only reason they posted it early than the 31st in 2010 and 2009 is that that date fell on a weekend. In 2009 it fell on a Saturday, and in 2010 it fell on a Sunday. They don't like to have to come in to push a button on the weekend or fix any problems. </p>

<p>In 2011, when my dd applied, it was released on the 31st after 5pm. The 31st fell on a Monday last year. I am pretty sure UMD waits until the last minute to make decisions and will take until the 31st. It will give them two full work days to make more decisions and I am sure they want them since they have so many applications.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any pattern - </p>

<p>Class of 2013 found out on Friday, 1/30/09 at noon</p>

<p>Class of 2014 on Saturday, 1/30/10 at 11:30am</p>

<p>Class of 2015 on Monday, 1/31/11 at 4:30pm</p>

<p>Still crossing my fingers for today at noon but looks like it may be Monday (1/30) or Tuesday (1/31) ...</p>

<p>Actually, before Class of 2013, when decisions were in February, they were released mostly, if not always on a Friday.</p>

<p>And it looks like were waiting till Monday or Tuesday, who knows :P</p>

<p>There went 11:30.........................................................</p>

<p>Just do homework, sleep, and before you know it, it'll be Tuesday!
Put no hope in UMD to release early(ish). Expect Jan 31st, 5:00 PM.</p>

<p>will it say the decision on the same page where it says your test scores, transcript, etc. have been received?</p>

<p>Yankees17 I think they will come out on that page...not sure though</p>

<p>I am so nervous for mine to come out T<em>T few of my friends already found out because they have people working in the admission office(lucky them) sucks for the rest of us, just gotta wait. T</em>T</p>

<p>hm, that means the decisions have already been made, right? so hopefully they'll put up the decisions tomorrow, though i'm trying not to get my hopes up...</p>

<p>If the decisions have already been made, they should just post them! Or do what Tulane and UConn do and just tell people if they got in as soon as the decision is made. I'm toooo impatient.</p>

<p>decisions have probably been made a long time ago they just want to release them on the day they said they would I think</p>

<p>^except they never said they would release them on a certain date - when they said 'by late january' i assumed i would know by now :(</p>

<p>Just checked the application status and noticed a change. I didn't get any decision notification but at the bottom of the status page, it has the application submission for the Housing and Dining Request form....????</p>

<p>My daughter has that too.</p>

<p>no mine doesnt ):</p>

<p>My son also has that same thing. Interesting...</p>

<p>I have that too, and the link is live. Once you click it, it says:
Welcome, ____! Your application is in progress. </p>

<p>Thank you for your interest in the University of Maryland. The Housing Request Form can be completed online and submitted electronically once you have answered all required questions. You do not have to complete it in one sitting--you may access the form and change your answers as many times as you like with your PIN and password from any coimputer with internet access. To navigate through the system, please use the links located on the left side of your screen. enables you to sign up for housing.</p>

<p>Could it mean????</p>

<p>probably does mean that.... nice job (: im sort of disappointed though</p>