When are decisions coming out? Today or Tuesday?

<p>I have it too, these could be good signs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Do not have it :(</p>

<p>wait soccer2016 what were your SATs/GPA?</p>

<p>unweighted GPA 3.69/4.00
SAT scores 1280/1600</p>

<p>My son has it too. 5.0 weighted GPA 1280/1930 SAT. Feeling a little relieved. Hope this is good news.</p>

<p>Does anyone know what time the decisions came out last year?</p>

<p>January 31st after 5pm</p>

<p>Thanks! ..</p>

<p>I'm hoping this is a good thing. I have it too! But maryland is a reach for me...but why would they upload it if it didn't mean that? Then again...it could mean nothing,..</p>

<p>If you click on the Housing Request Form -- it will tell you if it is for Fall or Spring. This has got to be a good sign.</p>

<p>The link is gone now</p>

<p>Apparently it's not there anymore</p>

<p>I wonder if they read this and realize what they are doing to you guys?</p>

<p>That would be so cruel</p>

<p>If you did see the link and you clicked on it -- once you log out -- housing application in progress is still there. I still have to believe that if you saw this -- it is good news.</p>

<p>^ hope so proudmom! When I logged out it did say "in progress" for housing app so I hope it's good :D</p>

<p>I think it's possible that this whole thing was a mistake/glitch. It's never safe to assume anything until you're holding an acceptance or a rejection letter in your hands! The link never popped up on my page, but I'm confident in my stats. The good news is that we'll all definitely know our fates by tomorrow!</p>

<p>Good luck everyone :)</p>

<p>WHAT why was I not online to check it before the link went away!!! AGH this wait is killing me! TOMORROW.</p>

<p>I emailed admissions. They said tonight or tomorrow, and they said theyre unsure and thats impossible to determine when. Something crazy must be going on down there.
However, the fact they said tonight gives me hope itll be today. It couod be, if they can fix whatever problem theyre having.</p>

<p>Admissions today would make my day.</p>