when did semicolons lose their novelty for you?

<p>they still seem like a big event for me; eeep! :D.</p>

<p>they never did. i use them on a daily basis :)</p>

<p>I use them occasionally in formal writing, but I found myself using them a lot in my college essays for stylistic purposes.</p>

<p>I've always been a dash kind of girl, myself- I mean, they're not always gramatically correct, but I think semicolons look weird.</p>

<p>I like them honestly, as long as people use them correctly. It's a great way to play around with syntax to communicate the message to want, or perhaps create the flow of words intended.</p>

<p>Agreed with Rush. I've never used more semicolons than I did in my college essays. I have absolutely no idea why, but I went semicolon crazy on the essays.</p>

<p>I just recently started using semi-colons. Took me awhile to get used to them.</p>

<p>i even text with semi-colons, though i neglect to capitalize and put periods. it shows people that it is a lifestyle choice and not that i hate grammar.</p>

<p>I prefer em dashes to semicolons. Semicolons have too much of a break to them.</p>

<p>Never. I like them.</p>

<p>Semicolons are my favorite form of punctuation; I use them often in my writing.</p>

<p>see what I did there?</p>

<p>I hate semicolons. Colons and dashes for me.</p>

<p>I use 'em scarcely; I often find it a bit inconvenient to use semicolons.</p>

<p>I just use them when I feel I need to.</p>

<p>I still can't tell if I'm using them right; they're just so awkward.</p>

<p>Using semi-colons is easy; all you need to do is recognize when the two clauses in the sentence each contain a subject and predicate, which means that each clause could exist as an independent statement.</p>