When do SDSU decisions come out?

I applied as a Food and Nutrition major for SDSU and I read somewhere that decisions typically come of mid-December. However, they extended the application date. When should I find out about my decisions? Let me know thanks!

It won’t be until March. It indicates this on the website.

Usually decisions come out mid-December for some OOS students, and high stats in-state students. Last year many did not come out until April, although I think that was due to glitches in the new app…don’t quote me on that though. Good luck!

Some OOS and high stat applicants (Honors college invitees) have heard in December. The majority of applicants hear in February and March with the exception of Nursing applicants which hear in March. Another CC poster called admissions and was told they will try to have some December decisions posted even though the application deadline was extended this year.

We heard mid-December last year with an invite to join Weber Honors College. Otherwise, it was March.

My daughter, OOS, got the acceptance to nutrition major yesterday!

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Our S (in state) was accepted for business today.

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Son (in-state) accepted today via regular mail-hadn’t checked his portal.

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My daughter got her acceptance to SDSU on 12/14 with an invitation to the honors college. We are in state. She withdrew her application yesterday though.

DS19 received a physical acceptance letter to mech E yesterday in the mail. We’re in-state.

Also, the “invite to join honors” is an “invitation to apply to the honors program”

Congrats to your DS @thshadow

Just a reminder that any applicant may apply for the SDSU Weber Honors College. The requirements and application information are here https://honors.sdsu.edu/honors-admissions/application-information You don’t have to wait to receive an invite or even be an admitted student. The deadline is 1/15 and many students won’t even receive decisions until March.

AWWWWW darn it, this year 2020 i applied as a nursing major and i really wanted to hear back in december rip :frowning: