When does finaid package come out?

<p>any one know? i already received mine from sdsu but havent heard back from the rest of the csu’s.</p>

<p>I think I read somewhere on their website that it's about mid April. I might be wrong though.</p>

<p>it just came like 2-3 days ago</p>

<p>yea, i checked mine today. didn't look too good. i decided to go to sdsu.</p>

<p>what about scholarships?</p>

<p>wait... mine just have federal loans... is that like that for everyone? what about calgrant? i got that for davis, but not calpoly.</p>

<p>I have federal loans and a few grants like.. Pell Grant and State University Grant. no Cal Grant yet. The Cal Grant website said 4-6 weeks from the deadline, the deadline for Cal Grant was march 2nd. It's only been around 4 weeks, we still have about 2 weeks left till they're finish.</p>