When does William & Mary come out with acceptance rates and other admission stats?

Was just wondering if and when W&M will come out with admissions statistics for the class of 2025.

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All data is usually made available around early to mid-August. If William & Mary has the same yield rate as last year and accepts the same total number, the acceptance rate will be around 35% overall (given the number of apps). I would anticipate that figure being a bit lower as apps are up and yield is likely to be higher this year IMO. I could see it being more like 32-34% this year. If yield is unexpectedly better (and more spots were filled with ED and those who deferred from last year), the acceptance rate could be “potentially” 28-31%. I don’t anticipate it being that low TBH. We will see. Average test scores should be quite similar (for those who submitted them).

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Interested to hear how they’re doing with their numbers. The website says they were anticipating an entering class of just under 1,600 students. Looks like that number was 1525 for the class of 2024 (with 31 students part of the St Andrews William & Mary Joint Degree Programme).

Also wondering how the waitlist is going. Losing lots of kids to other waitlists? Pulling kids in from their own waitlist? Just curious how close they’re going to get to that anticipated 1,600 number! Mid-August is so long to wait, lol.