when reviewing applications...

<p>is it true that, even though they notify everyone at the same time, they review applications on a rolling basis? </p>

<p>i am so nervous for friday; i have a terrible feeling my heart is going to be broken.</p>

<p>Dean J has talked about this on her blog, so look there for a definite answer.
Anyways, I know there are two main rounds of reading. During the first round, prominent decisions of yes/no can be made, but that decision WILL be reviewed again in the second round. The second round they double check decisions made in the first round, and make final decisions on ones that are in between. This way, at least two sets of eyes see each application.<br>
The only way I see the whole process being "rolling" is that some are marked early on as being strong, and sent LLs or Echols/Rodman/CSSs during the second round. But decisions are pretty much finalized right up until the last week or so before decisions are posted (that week allows for printing/stuffing/mailing)</p>

<p>Dean J could definitely clarify this, but she's out of commission until after decisions, and she really needs a break anyways :)</p>

<p>yeah, I think they begin looking at apps before they are all in, but there are no final decisions made then. I think they just flag the obvious yes/no's for the second round.</p>