When to accept UAH Merit Scholarship? Does that commit student to attending UAH?

My son is thrilled to be accepted at UAH, and has received an offer of Full Tuition Merit Scholarship. He is being prompted to Accept or Decline this scholarship. Does Accepting it commit him to attending, or does he have until May 1 to make a choice after hearing from all the other colleges he applied to?

Congrats! My student is a Charger Excellence recipient, we didn’t accept the scholarship until we knew they were going to attend. We did know fairly early on that our student would be attending, we accepted early so that we could get in housing requests.

UAH told us that they do not have an official “accept” button… they determine whether a student is planning to attend by whether or not they apply for housing and pay the housing deposit and register for orientation. Accepting the scholarship would also be an indicator that you are serious, but certainly is not binding. We accepted the award because he is 100% sure. Good luck with your decision