When will ED hear back?

Hi y’all! So I applied to W&M ED and I am anxiously waiting back. I know decisions are supposed to come back in early December but does anyone know the exact date?

My son applied ED to W&M as well. Based on past years, I would guess December 7? But with COVID, who knows…

Getting close folks… i was just accepted to UGA today. Thats my number 2. W&M is my number 1. I have been told in the past that i have no chance at W&M since my SAT too low and OOS.

1350 SAT. 4.0 unweighted at an all honors school with a good amount of APs. They told me that it was a reach to get into W&M that i was wasting my time. A 4.0 rigorous school and applying ED1? I could not believe the outrage these people exhibited with me daring to apply to W&M with a 1350 OOS. This is going to be interesting to see who is right. I say i get in. No matter because UGA is going to be real good no matter what.