When will San Jose state send out the admission decisions for the fall?


Most likely 2/24

I feel like SJSU is taking themselves out of the equation. We have gotten all of our other decisions. It is making SJSU irrelevant. Seems like it is taking forever.

Agreed. It’s mainly due to it being one of the most impacted CSUs

It seems like the decisions are out for freshmen

I am also waiting for the results

Looked it up. Got admitted

which major?

which major?

@yam123 Aerospace Engineer

as a Transfer

congratulations. i checked mine it says referred to graduate department.

@yam123 Thanks. What’s your intent major for grad school?

@ryancorddavid software engineering


Didnt they say they would post by the end of february? I still havent been changed from decision pending. (Transfer student in cs)

@Zydee3 yeah they did and I don’t have mine yet either. Also a transfer in cs.

I checked mine and it conditional admit self report. I still haven’t gotten a message or email. I don’t even know if I was admitted for my major or alternate major

Hey, please help me out…I need to make an appeal to SJSU