Where are my unread threads?

I typically read CC by going to Unread Threads on the forum page. There is a number showing how many unread threads I have and a list of threads I haven’t read yet (of the ones I follow).

This morning when I click on Unread, the number does not match how many threads are listed. Even if I read one of the listed threads and then go back to Unread, the number shown is greater than the number of threads that appear.

I normally read CC on my iPad but today am using my iPhone. Is there some sort of glitch?. This photo is an example of what I’m seeing this morning.


I’ll see if there is anything going on @4kids4us . Has the behavior changed any since you first started noticing it? Has it been stuck on “9” for a while?

@CCAdminMike it seems to be working fine today on my ipad. I rarely use my iphone to access CC so not sure if it was just something glitchy yesterday but yes, yesterday it was stuck on 9 until mid-afternoon.

I just checked my iphone now and it seems to be updating as I read the unread threads so I guess it was just a weird temporary glitch.