Where is everyone from?

<p>take the poll!</p>


<p>malaysia. im so sad that i cant find any college-bound malaysian here. =(</p>

<p>Oh alyssa,</p>

<p>I know one malaysian who is now in Yale, but I think he doesn't post here any more.</p>

<p>Vietnam :D</p>

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<p>upandover. he's the malaysian in yale. I WANT TO SEE MALAYSIANS !</p>

<p>I live in Canada and have my citizenship (what i voted for), but was born in Australia and am from Croatia</p>


<p>Be more active, internationals! Why so few votes?</p>

<p>Well... I'm a she.... but yeah, I don't check the boards very often.</p>

<p>There used to be another Malaysian on the boards: foreignboy, and he went to Stanford, but I think that he doesn't check the new boards anymore..</p>

<p>Oh soorry, upandover, but I really thought you're a he, judging by your messages in the thread "Scholarships for internationals.." or something like that.</p>

<p>PR China ,any Chinese here?</p>

<p>Lahore, Pakistan</p>

<p>upandover, you're a she? omg im so sorry. i kept getting the impression that you're a he...</p>

<p>there is five other middle eastners ( lol)?? where yall from then????? me im from egypt...funny how the country has 74 million ppl and not one happened to ever run across this forum</p>

<p>oh mine has 24 million and i'm the only one who's college-bound.</p>

<p>Mumbai, India - billion people and 9 college bound??? comeon guys - statistically between us and the Chinese, we should represent 35% of the applicant pool...</p>

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<p>Vietnam. Hey Duncanctc, you use the smiling face to get over the 10 character rule, right? :D</p>

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