Where should I attend college

Hello. I am currently in between a few schools and I would like your opinion on them. I live in Queens, NY and I plan on staying home just because it is easier and so much cheaper. I am planning on being a Bio major on the predental track. I am leaning towards St. Johns just because I love the campus and the school. The schools I am deciding between are

CUNY Hunter
CUNY Queens College(Honors Program - only have to pay 3k a year)
St. Johns University(Honors Program - 6K)
Adelphi University

As a CUNY grad myself, I highly recommend the Queens College honors program. SJU is just not worth the $20 - 40K+ extra you may have to pay, nor is Adelphii. Hunter is a great school, but if you live in Queens, you will have a better commute and social life at QC, especially since it has dorms and you can make friends with kids who live on campus.

If you are truly pre-dental, save the money for graduate school.

I agree. Having just paid off my over $200K student loans, I suggest you go to CUNY Queens. It’s excellent and will save you money. Dentistry is worthwhile but it’s a very expensive road. Good luck!