Where should I ED?

I sent you a DM.

The following article might be of interest to you. In it you will learn more about the physics community at Hamilton, especially with respect to mentoring and research opportunities.

It seems fair to ask based on your prior inconsistencies on CC, how much of what you have posted in this topic is true?

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This is fair based on the OPs similar chance me posts going back to 2020. Hopefully the OP can clarify.

You posted this in September 2020

“Class- Senior year of high school”

If this is true…what have you been doing since you got out of high school???

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To be clear, some of the OP’s aspects have been flatly inconsistent, such as a posted SAT score that has decreased from 1550 (in 2020) to 1500 (in this topic).

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@tommyshelby could you clarify a few things?

  1. Did you already finish high school? If not, when will you finish high school?

  2. Is this the first time you are applying to colleges?

  3. What is your annual family income in USD? What can your family afford to contribute annually toward college costs?

  4. Do you have a sure thing for acceptance in India?

  5. What is your current SAT score (no projections, please)?


Hmm, interesting. I read OP’s posts from 2020 just now. OP definitely needs to clarify what’s going on.

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I will finish high school in 2023 feb. Yes, my earlier posts suggested that I am already a senior, but that was back when I was a cringe-stupid someone obsessed with college admission. I wanted to know how my extracurriculars ranked and if I had good enough test scores then would I have a good chance. Now whatever I said in this post is the real 100% right because now I am not obsessed with college but rather desperate. @DadOfJerseyGirl @merc81 @DramaMama2021

Its 1500, took it around march this year and got the breakdown 790 m and 710 EBRW. I would retake this august

Frankly…these are the same thing. Please don’t be either obsessed or desperate.

You need a well balanced college application list which includes some affordable sure things in India.


Please make sure the information in this post actually is accurate… no exaggeration of ECs or “wishful thinking” stats. Junk in junk out, as they say.

Take a deep breath and do not stress or obsess. Provide honest information and posters will do our best to advise you. I know you hope to leave India, but you must have a fall-back plan in case you aren’t accepted elsewhere.


I think this should be @tommyshelby’s number 1 priority right now. As I said up thread, given the extremely low probability of getting accepted to a US college with full/near full aid, without a back up plan OP faces the very real possibility of not going to any college.


I’m less concerned where you can get in and more concerned with your dishonesty.

You’re not off to a good start.

Groups of people don’t want to work with dishonest people.

I hope this is not a trait you carry with you.


Th median graduate salaries in the 25 Best Colleges for a Physics degree seem very low for a STEM degree. Brand new graduates I know are getting first job offers well above the highest salary in that list, even before they graduate.

Yes, whatever I said is 100% true and you can believe that

Not studying physics for the money

Okay. Then please answer the questions posed by @thumper1 (and others) so we can more accurately chance you.

I will be finishing my HS in 2023 and yes this will be the first time applying. My annual family income is around 40k and my family can contribute max 10k. I do not want to study here, there are barely any colleges for what I want to do but even if I do not get in a US college, i could apply to any LAC here and get in because of my SAT score( colleges here would accept you if you got 1400+). My current SAT score is 1500 (710 EBRW and 790 M) I will retake.

I will join the crowd encouraging you to have back-ups in your home country.

Keep in mind that your family contribution would likely have to cover things like transportation, medical insurance, books etc. so you will need almost a full ride at any US college you attend. These are very competitive.

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