Where should I ED?

So you do have a backup plan? (you’ve kept saying you don’t, so I’m confused). If you do that’s good.

You could look to come to the US for a Ph.D. after you’ve completed your undergraduate studies.

Is the $10k max per year?

As @happy1 said, a good chunk of that will go to mandatory health insurance, travel, books and incidentals. So you need essentially a full ride, which is competitive for US applicants and more so for international applicants.

Have you looked into the affordability of UK, European or CA unis? Affordability is your number one hurdle. There is no point getting accepted to a school you can’t afford.

Saying you have no backup plan is what concerns me. (Edit: I misread. I’m glad you have a backup plan!) Once you have some affordable and likely admit schools on your list, then absolutely apply to US schools! You never know unless you try. :grin: But since the schools that provide full funding for internationals are few and so very competitive, please be prepared for potentially unworkable results.

If you would like to compare U.S. colleges and universities in a single source, this site may be helpful:

Note, however, that some colleges appear to have been omitted from consideration based on their fully test optional policies (at the time from which the data were collected).

OP has updated their list and created another chance thread. So I am closing this one. Further comments can go on their new thread: