Where to apply

<p>Hi there! I've been planning to go to prep school since I was old enough to speak, and I've got tons of questions now that it's almost time to apply. I know that I should try for more than one school, but I'm really only sure of Choate, because my mom attended and I grew up hearing stories. I know there must be other great schools out there. Any suggestions?
In addition, I really have no idea if I've any chance of being accepted. If anyone knows the average GPA of accepted students, it would be really helpful if you'd include that.

<p>Phillips Andover and Exetor are great schools. They are very competetive. Deerfield and Milton are also excellent</p>

<p>A school is only “great” if it’s a good fit for you; don’t just choose to apply to schools because it’s famous. Check out the Hidden Gems thread in Prep School Admissions…it lists great schools that aren’t as well known.</p>

<p>Look through the Boarding School Review online
[Boarding</a> School Review - College-Prep & Jr. Boarding Schools](<a href=“http://www.boardingschoolreview.com/]Boarding”>http://www.boardingschoolreview.com/)
There you can categorize schools by GPA, SATs, Size etc and determine what you want and which school meets it</p>

<p>I mean, it really depends what you like.</p>

<p>Do you like living near town, or up in the mountains?
Any courses you are absolutely dying to take?
Do you like larger schools, or do you much prefer a cozier environment?
Do you want a school with more boarding students, or do you want a school with 50% boarding, 50% day?
What sports teams, art clubs, or community service groups are you looking forward to participating in?</p>

<p>There are tons of amazing high schools out there, but as frozensnickers said, it’s about the school that you fit in.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for all of the advice. I’ll be sure to consider everything you’ve all said, and it was really helpful to hear from all of you!</p>