Where to stay?

<p>Seeking advice on where to stay for an audition held at Julliard in Dec.
We come from California, and would like it to be close to Julliard, not too $ (We know, it's New York! $$$) and pleasant.</p>

<p>All advice is truly appriciated.</p>

<p>205mom - You might want to ask on the music forum. Music</a> Major - College Confidential This question comes up a lot. I haven't been to NYC for a couple years, but the last place we stayed was The Lucerne, right by the Natural History Museum, and just one train stop away from Juilliard. (And not too bad of a walk, if you're so inclined.) All the hotels are pricey, but sometimes you can find deals. We stayed at the Lucerne for under $200, but other times we'd checked their rates, and they were much higher. It varies according to time of year, etc. I think December is an expensive time, because everyone comes in for Christmas events.</p>

<p>Edit: Hotel Beacon is also one you might want to check. Honestly, I'm a bit mixed up on where we stayed last! </p>

<p>My son's Juilliard audition was many years ago (he now has both undergrad and grad degrees from there), but when he auditioned, Juilliard did recommend a certain hotel (now extinct) with a special rate. I didn't act soon enough, and all the special-rate rooms were gone by then, but we stayed there anyway. Did they not give a recommendation this time?</p>

<p>Thank you, binx. No, we didn't get a recommendation. This isn't a regular audition for the school, but part of an Interantional competition which holds auditions all over the world. DD picked NYC location, because of the timing. The other location (Salt lake City) was at a terrible time for her school-wise, and it isn't a hop-skip-and-jump from where we live anyhow.</p>

<p>I'll post where you recommended. You are so helpful. Bravo for such an accomplished son.</p>