Which American Universities should I apply to?

I’m thinking of applying into atleast 12 US Unis. I’m currently preparing for Class 12 exams but due to Corona my exams were postponed and I’m practising SATs.

My Stats are :
SAT I - I’m getting scores around 1560-1580 in Sample Tests.
SAT II - I can easily score 800s in Math1, Physics & World History
GPA - I might get aggregate(11 & 12) GPA around 3.4-3.5/4 (Science) .
ECs - Not decent regarding School activities but Excellent arround Programming and
Creating Sites. I show mad intrest in my intended major(Econ/Finance).

I’ll definitely be asking for Financial aid.
What should be my good combination of Reaches, Targets and Safeties?

This time, you’ll probably have to apply without the SAT scores. As your GPA is low and you don’t have decent EC’s, apply to 2 or 3 top tier schools.
I don’t think there are safeties for Nepalese students.

What is your annual budget?

Unless you can be full pay or nearly so, it will be tricky. Your GPA is low for the colleges that are both need blind and that meet full need.

what are top tiers schools?

The schools ranked the highest according to your source of choice. Keep in mind the best schools for nursing aren’t going to be the same as the best for business majors, no matter where the chips land in the overall rankings.