Which audition song did the panel select?

<p>D is in the process of fine-tuning her selections for her upcoming audition at Michigan. For those of you who have already auditioned, did the panel ask you to sing the older or more recent song? And did it happen to be a ballad, or up-tempo? So much at stake with only 16 bars! Thanks in advance…</p>

<p>Even though the audition information says you will only perform one song, my D performed two songs and most people we spoke to were asked to sing both songs. Some were asked to vocalize as well. So definitely be prepared to do both. </p>

<p>We only heard from one person who performed just one song and she was concerned that this was a bad sign. Who really knows? </p>

<p>The fact that they specifically ask for a song prior to 1965 on the audition requirements leads me to believe they prefer a traditional musical theatre selection. So if they were to choose one song - that would be my guess. </p>

<p>Believe me, you can show a lot of range vocally and emotionally in 16 bars. Tell you D to make every moment count. Best of luck to her.</p>

<p>Sons were asked to sing both of their selections.</p>

<p>I sang both my songs. They chose my uptempo first, which was also my post-1965, except it is from like 1972 or something so it's still pretty old. Pretty much everyone seemed to sing both of their songs.
Also, make sure your cuts are exactly 16 bars! They stressed that when we were there.</p>

<p>It ended up that D only did one song, but they let her choose which one. They were running behind schedule--who knows if that was the reason or not. They also did ask her to vocalize a bit. She was very happy with how her audition day went, so now we wait (and go to more auditions...)</p>

<p>I was asked to do both of my songs.</p>

<p>exactly 16 bars?? How about 17 bars? Both of my songs are hard to cut off at 16 bars...</p>

<p>16 bars (not including piano intro). UMich is Serious about that. Other schools may not care so much.</p>

<p>They definitely mentioned that they were firm about the 16-bar limit. You are allowed a 2-4 bar piano intro, though.</p>

<p>also don't forget that if you have a long note held out at the end, you only count the measure you start that note on</p>