Which Canadian School is Better

<p>I have recently been accepted to Queen's for Biochemistry and Biomedical Science at University of Waterloo. which one should i pick?
also got in to Lakehead, Ni****ing, but not going
still waiting on McGill, UBC and Univeristy of Toronto.</p>

<p>ha ha, college board sensored the name of the school
it's Nip-is-s-ing by the way</p>

<p>queens and waterloo sounds about the same, at least to people from my school, but waterloo seems to have more reputation in the sci/math area (math contests<3) UBC's biomed program is VERY GOOD, I'd put it on the same page or close to UT becuase its one of UBC's strongest areas. and no idea about mcgill</p>

<p>i thought waterloo is more famous for account/math instead of sci/math but maybe i'm wrong... UT has excellent science programs btw, some of their researches are amazing and really world famous, and toronto was elected as the best city to live in or sth... McGill's more for Buz students and UBC has very strong biochem/biomed programs too. dont know too much abt Queen though.</p>

<p>Gd luck!!</p>

<p>Waterloo is great in math/engineering.
Queens is great in business.</p>

<p>Its a toss up between U of T and UBC. McGill close but not as strong.</p>

<p>Visit the campus if you can.</p>

<p>bump, I am studying something in biology, so which school? queens or waterloo or western or UBC or McGill? obviously U of T is #1
please label the rest in order, thanx</p>

<p>i dont think it matters...undergrad is same everywhere in canada. Pick the skool u like..</p>

<p>personally i got into toronto, queens, western, waterloo and mcgill....i think i will be going to mcgill...caz its a much better it terms of social oppourtunities, its diverse and montreal is a much better city for college students </p>

<p>toronto may be no.1 but it is a commuter skool, extremely competative and way too many people...i wouldnt mind going there for grad skool though</p>

<p>waterloo is dead in terms of social life..queens is ok nice campus, everyone is from ontario, etc...the life science program is crazy (super competative..ppl do everything to make u fail..its graded on a curve) </p>

<p>western is pretty easy but biomed program is reputable..its known as a party skool...london is really crap though </p>

<p>UBC - lots of asians, nice skool, very big...tats all i know</p>

<p>wait, queens is super competitive in life science?

<p>kids want to get into med school!</p>

<p>Overall, Queen's, by far the best college experience of the bunch noted.</p>

<p>UT rules, period.</p>

<p>Nah, not necessarily.</p>