Which college should I go? got 5 offers so far

<p>I applied for the spring term and got admitted by 5 colleges so far</p>

<li>Luther College with unknown FA. I need to pay<br></li>
<li>Beloit College with $14,000 I need to pay about $30,800</li>
<li>CSB/SJU with $18,000+work I need to pay about $26,300</li>
<li>Millsaps College with $16,000 I need to pay about $24,900</li>
<li>Birmingham Southern College with $13,000 I need to pay about $27,200</li>

<p>I am thinking about majoring in Psychology and unknown major(business lated major)
Any advice?</p>

<p>Where exactly will the $24,000 to $30,000 have to come from? It may be that none of these are affordable for you.</p>

<p>When will you know about your FA from Luther? I only know about Luther and Beloit but they are both great schools. They attract a totally different type of student. Have you visited either one? Beloit is supposed to be very quirky, liberal and somewhat intellectual. Most students come from the Chicago area. Luther is in a great little town, very safe. Students are extremely happy and become dedicated alumni. Academics are great. Most come to Luther from the Twin Cities and some from Chicago, etc.</p>

<p>Hey, cbug! thanks! I am not sure the exact date. Hopefully, I would know it by next week. I know! I liked Beloit but it's quite expensive to attend. I dk if you heard about Millsaps before, some of my friends recommended this school to me , too. Not as highly ranked as Beloit thou.</p>

<p>happymomof1, thanks! I think my family would have a hard time to pay for the expense if i decide to attend beloit. others are affordable thou.</p>

<p>I doubt any of these schools are worth that much. What in-state satellite schools are available to you? Why not go to community college, get a good GPA, and reapply?</p>