Which colleges should I apply to?

International student from Cambridge Examination board.
7 A* and 1 A in O levels(freshman and sophmore) which is around 4.0 gpa unweighted
Class ranking 1/52
In A levels(junior and senior year) i have 4 As which is also around 4. gpa unweighted.
Subs: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics

Sat score:

1.Co- founder of a nonprofit organization which funds scholarships for students, conducted food drives during covid, held first ever parliamentary style debate competition in our city.
2. Media Club-- General Secretary.
3. Volleyball team–Vice captain (won several interschool competitions)
4. Internship at a clinic for 2 years( took medical history of patients, checked blood pressure, sugar levels etc)
5. Teaching-- ( taught 4 students for 6 hours a week, all students scored pretty decent in final exams)

I have a pretty good topic for my essay as I studied in a Special Education school.


A. Country of citizenship?
B. How much can your parents afford?
C. What are you interested in as a major?
D. What are you looking for in a university?
E. Why American universities?

A. Pakistan
B. I would definetly aim for scholarships as my family cant afford much. Max they can afford is 15k dollars per year.
C. I am interested In Biology as I aim to pursue medicine in the future.
D. Must have good, social campus life and post graduate employment rate.
E. My sister is a doctor in the US so i want to move there as well.

It is almost impossible for international students to be admitted to medical school in the US. So it is better for you to study medicine in your country and then take the foreign medical exams and apply for a residency in the US.

Yeah I know about that. But i am applying for undergrad bachelors, and i think u require a bachelors degree to apply to US med schools. I am not directly applying to a med school there.