Which is the longest thread on CC so far?

I was just wondering. I heard about the Ultimate OR thread in the Cafe but that has ~500 posts less than the Indian post in International Students forum…or is it some third thread?

So, which is the longest one on CC?

Maybe the ‘Colleges for Musical Theater Major’ thread which is on Part 37! I’ve seen that thread around for a long time though it’s split up into separate threads…

Ultimate “OR” thread has now about 1200 posts, Indian post has also something like that. I remember earlier there was a thread in SAT, or maybe “rosters”.

Indian post has almost 1700 posts!

omg merc our Indian post has a shot at being the longest thread??? :slight_smile:

yayyyyy for us :slight_smile: but i have a feeling it’s going to slow down now, what with boards. ugh. can’t log on much.

yeah can’t log on during the boards.
But I have study leave before that, and my mom goes to work so she won’t know about my internet habits :smiley:

Don’t celebrate yet :stuck_out_tongue: I posted here to see what the mods have to say on this…

Longest thread is ephemeral. Mods will close unwieldy threads, or even subdivide.

Thats really bad

things don’t get unwieldy on the new board…

I agree with teal. The Musical Theater thread (basically a continuous thread divided by mods) has been around since April 2002- 38 threads. You can’t beat that! :slight_smile:

Also, the Yale word association thread is not too far behind the Indian post.

Lets make this the longest thread!!!

But the “Musical Theater” threads aren’t about musical theater very much any more. They’re just kind of a chat room. Therefore, it doesn’t count. :stuck_out_tongue: