Which school should I pick?

I’m facing a dilemma. I REALLY want to go to Loyola for music , but LSU is offering me a lot of money(More than tuition)Any advice?

Do you have plans for grad school?

What is the amount you would pay annually for each school, and are your parents willing to cover the more expensive school?

What’s your parents ’ budget?
What’s the net cost at each?
(tuition, fees, room, board) - (grants, scholarships) =
Do not subtract any loan.
What are your goals after college?
I agree Loyola is a better school, but it’s not worth your parents getting in debt for it.

I would have to pay loyola $6500/year. If I go to LSU and stay at home then I won’t owe anything. My parents said pick the school where I’ll feel like I’ll be able to get a job easily and where Ill feel more comfortable.

I’ll admit that as a Loyola student I’m very biased because I love it here. But Loyola is an excellent school for music, and even coming from the Midwest, I know lots of musicians who knew and thought highly of Loyola’s music program. $6500 is relatively cheap but I can still see why you’d be hesitant to pay that when you have the option to go elsewhere for free, especially going into a field that isn’t known for making people rich. Still, at Loyola you’ll probably be able to make connections with your professors more easily, and you’ll get to experience a city that has a robust music scene.

Have you visited either campus yet?

Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions about Loyola :slight_smile:

LSU has an outstanding music program. It is one of their better programs. Huge difference in price of the schools.

I’ve been to both campuses. I like Loyola’s atmosphere a lot more

This is a difficult question especially because there are some unknowns. I know several people who work/worked at LSU. A couple of years ago, I would have definitely said Loyola because there were so many threats of huge cuts at LSU. I know a few professors who got out of there quickly because they didn’t know which way the school was going to go. It seems things have settled down now, and the school is in a better place, but I don’t live there, so I am not sure. Is the music department one of their stronger departments? If so, they may be protected if future state budget initiatives threaten the university again.

Can you afford the $6,500 a year for Loyola?
It sounds like a great deal for an excellent university… but if you don’t have the money, then it doesn’t matter whether it’s a good deal.
In addition, even if you live nearby, try to live on campus even at LSU - to estalish independence and grow, but also to focus on your studies more. Research shows that students who live on campus have better grades and are more involved - which makes sense, since students can pull a late night session in the library, join a study group, participate in clubs regardless of the hours they meet (often: after dinner). All of this adds up and makes a big difference in outcomes.

It is a great deal. Your parents are telling you to pick the one where you’re more comfortable–dies that mean the cost is affordable? If so, then go there.

My D goes to Loyola. She has some merit money, but it costs more than her other options (one of which was LSU). Our family can afford the extra cost so I’m happy to pay it and she is doing well.

I think at Loyola you might have more performance opportunities than at LSU because of the relative size. And New Orleans itself offers a lot for musicians.

Thank you to everyone who’s given me advice. I’ve decided to go to LSU. It’s the more affordable option. I’ll be able to save more money and I could go to grad school if I choose.

Best of luck to you!

Congrats on making a decision, @violagirl17 ! Best of luck :slight_smile:

Good luck to you, and don’t forget to update us once a few months have passed, as it’ll be very useful to future readers trying to make a similar decision.