Which SUNY- music?

<p>I want somewhere with a Classics program (Latin), voice opportunities (opera) (preferably full time faculty) and a decent spiritual student life.
Does anyone have suggestions? I thought Crane but I read online the student body was really competitive and arrogant.</p>

<p>M, not everyone at Crane, or other schools for that matter, is arrogant. Son has found the other students friendly and they share rides and help each other out with study groups etc. I think he would say that the other Crane students are his favorite people on campus. SUNY Potsdam has a very active Young life group. The Catholic church and Episcopal churches are nearby and many of the faculty attend. However, it is not a Christian school and you will find the majority of the students and faculty do not actively participate in any spiritual life.
The other 2 SUNY schools offering a bachelor in music are Fredonia and Purchase. I don’t know if any of them offer Latin but you can certainly ask them. At Crane you can take classes from St Lawrence, Clarkson or Canton, so if any of these offer Latin you could take the courses there. If you have any more Crane questions, feel free to send me a private message.L</p>

<p>Potsdam and Fredonia are both excellent.</p>