Which Universities to apply to? (International student)

Good day everyone, I’m an Indian student about to pass out from high school- The competition here is intense for the few truly good engineering colleges here so I’m looking for some guidance to studying in Canadian universities. I’d really appreciate your help- Thank you.

a) I am expecting a decent score of 80-90% in class 12th- Hopefully more. Had a 9.6 cgpa in class 10th.
b) I am interested in bachelors in mechanical/computer/electrical engineering
c) I’ve a good academic record.
d) I’m not very well off financially and can afford 13,000 USD tuition fees per year- maximum.

What universities should I apply to? Can I expect scholarships with my score? What are usually the deadlines and processes I need to complete?
If I’ve already missed scholarship etc. deadlines for fall intakes- is it necessary to wait another year or are there other intakes throughout the year?
As for my extracurricular achievements- I’ve won two silver medals in short story writing competitions and have been published, I was the state topper in the English Olympiad held here. I’ve won several quizzes and a coding competition as well. I can play guitar and flute and am experienced and possess some knowledge about yoga, meditation and eastern-spiritualism

Your options are limited by your finances. There are a few schools that might be affordable for you, but barely. Look at the international tuition fees for all Canadian Universities:
Note that engineering programs often have ~10% higher tuition than arts & sciences programs. Also, mandatory student fees will add ~$800, and most international students will need to buy health insurance through the university, ~$1000 per year. Don’t forget about living expenses (room & board), books, other needs, ~$12000 per year.

The less expensive schools are in less-populated parts of the country, especially in the Maritime provinces. Memorial University in Newfoundland, University of Prince Edward Island, and University of New Brunswick are affordable and good quality schools with engineering programs. There are scholarships available for international students, but they are very competitive. More commonly, you’ll get an automatic 1-year scholarship for your 1st year of university based on your high school GPA. This is usually something like $2000-5000, non-renewable scholarship applied to your tuition.

Deadlines are in Feb/Mar if you want to be considered for scholarships. Check each school you’re interested in.