Who has already been accepted to usf?

<p>Hi I'm an 11th grader and would like to know your stats
Sat score
Act score
And any other factors
Thanks :)</p>

<p>SAT: 1740 (610 math, 600 reading, 530 writing)
ACT: 29
GPA: 3.76 w, 3.35 uw
Extracurriculars: Cheer 2 years, Band 2 years, Senior Class, Vice President of Juniorettes Service Club, Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society</p>

<p>What term?</p>

<p>I was accepted for the Fall.</p>

<p>SAT Score: 2120
ACT Score: 29
GPA: 3.6 UW, 4.2 W
Extracurriculars: Over 200 community service hours, four honor societies, officer positions in all but one of them
And any other factors: I'm an IB student, so I have a tough courseload.</p>

<p>I was accepted to fall 2012, and I was offered $16000 in aid and a spot in the honors program. :)</p>

<p>SAT Score: 1960 Math: 670 CR: 650 W: 640
forgot my gpa, but I was ranked 29/400
Nothing special for ec's other than volunteering at an apartment complex for senior citizens. Other than that just some sports and clubs.</p>

<p>accepted fall 2012 with a $9,000/yr scholarship and i'm not sure about financial aid yet. Also a spot in the honors program. </p>

<p>Nickirows, do you plan on attending?</p>